The R2-D2 Nightlight and Death Pi

R2-D2 Lamp – Project Notes/How To Guide

Update: Because of the cost of maintaining the project on the internet, I have disabled the active link. This article is for project reference only. For personal use, the initial implementation of this project is available on GitHub.


Greetings! I have completed the guide and promoted the repository for a local version of this project (not the internet streaming version — it requires a lot more manual configuration and an EC2 server) so that you can get one of these neat little toys running on your own home network!

The repository for this project is hosted here:

Follow the instructions in the Note: this is my first ever completed PUBLIC repository, and this is version 1.0 — if any of my instructions are not clear, please let me know! I am hoping that I have provided clear enough instructions so that someone with a little linux knowledge and some basic soldering skills can set this up for themselves at home.

Some notes on this project. I initially in the beta stages had this streaming on my desk at home. This — for all sorts of reasons — was not a good idea. Mostly, it took up too much GPU and processor speed, and therefore wasn’t ideal to be running as a simple 24/7 twitch stream. Plus, my cat kept knocking it over (along with me, every time I’d move something on my desk).

I had made a while ago this awesome looking Death Star that I used for a Retropie build.

The inside of the Death Star

It was already set up with a low profile fan and a momentary LED interrupt I could use for safe startup/shutdown (I will cover the building of the Death Star and the setting it up as a twitch streamer in another post!). This Death Star (and yes, I’m a total Star Wars nerd) was just sitting on a shelf as I found it wasn’t really practical as a retropie machine. Something about round cases and usb joysticks don’t really work out very well — I got tired of chasing my retropie across the floor in the middle of playing a game!

So, awesomely enough, I have a low power themed twitch streamer running 24/7 right next to my LED lamp!

Yup, that Death Star is powering the Camera!

And, just to show you what the pi zero w with the unicorn pHat looks like when not under the acrylic:

Cool, huh?

If anyone makes one, please let me know! I’d love to see other implementations of this!