The Discord Dad Bot

Once in a while, I’ll challenge myself and take on something just a bit outside my lane. This is one such thing. Mind you, I have been developing in javascript and jQuery for years, so I know javascript very well. The javascript node.js framework was a bit new to me, and this was a good opportunity to learn it!

C’mon, they’re funny, you know it.

Discord is a chat server. I mostly stay on the #sudomod channel with other makers and developers and RetroPie enthusiasts, so I’m not a huge Discord user, but I’ve become quite fond of my little Discord group of fellow retro-gamers.

Discord has bots — automated users that are detached from real people, running scripts that control their behavior somewhere off on the internet.

The last time I wrote ‘bot’ code, it was back in the early 1990s for IRC, which is the predecessor to your modern day chat clients. In the early 1990s, the internet was very small and mostly local and not as popular as online services, as you needed a true unix system (Sun Solaris is what I used) in order to access it. There was a time when the only browser available was Mozilla — not FireFox, but Mozilla — and Mozilla didn’t run on Windows.

Usenet and IRC were the way that you reached out to the world at large in the early days of the internet. And a bot could stay online at all hours — friends in other time zones? Afraid you were going to miss a message? Your bot could store it for you!

Imagine my surprise when I found that yes, bots are still a thing, and they’ve become a FUN thing.

The channel I’m on already had a ‘yo momma’ bot — and so, I present


Feel free to clone and adapt for your own Discord server!