What does your IDE look like?

So… just a quick post. I’ve been working in NetBeans for a long time, but….

OMG VisualStudio with PowerShell running Ubuntu and some tricks I have found here:




and here:


and VSCode blows every other IDE out of the window. Wow.

The Kitty Cam

One of the things I’m currently working on is a five-button auto cam that captures what my cat is up to, because she’s a brat.

enjoying her little window seat in her handmade blanket — spoiled little princess

I still have some things to tweak in my script, but one of the cool functions is snapping a current photo with the webcam and uploading it right to my blog, so it is in my media folder when I go to post. Check it out!

Source code will be up on github and instructions will be here once I work out all the kinks :).